The dream of dog sports

During a conversation with Eileen Brendel, we gain exciting insights into her first steps in dog sports. After successfully mastering her first obedience test with her Hovawart dog Milla, she reflects on her beginnings, challenges and passion for this sport. Eileen shares her motivation as a youth ambassador at K9 and Sports and encourages young people to actively participate in this exciting world.

Hello Eileen, you recently came first in your first exam. What kind of event was that?

The photo was taken at our first obedience test, the Misburger Wald Cup.

What do you particularly enjoy about dog sports?

For me, dog sports offer a unique opportunity to strengthen my relationship with my dog ​​and grow together through ups and downs. As soon as we enter the square together, everything around us fades out so that it's just the two of us. The joy that comes from being successful as a team with your dog is incomparable.

How did you get involved with K9 and Sports? / Why are you a youth ambassador for K9 and Sports?

Many report that they were able to grow up with dogs and were literally born into the sport of working dogs. No matter how much I would have liked that, it was the opposite for me.

In 2020 our first dog finally moved in - our Hovawart dog Milla. It quickly became clear, “we want to do dog sports”! Easier said than done, because for a long time we couldn't find the right club for us and we encountered lots of prejudices against the Hovawart breed in every dog ​​school. So we became inventive, I trained myself, acquired trainer licenses in various areas of dog sports and completed training as a dog trainer. True to the motto: Learning by doing.

The IGP Youngstar Camp, which I was able to take part in in 2022, finally got me into working dog sports. It was an incredible event where the best trainers and dog athletes of all breeds were on site, worked with us young people and gave us valuable tips along the way. It quickly became clear that there were young talent, they just had to be properly supported. With the founding of K9 and Sports and the Youngstars campaign, I was able to continue pursuing the sport. I was able to gain a variety of insights and learn a lot of new things. The fun and fire at the IGP was ignited in me and with the support of K9 and Sports it can now continue.

Short and sweet: It was only through the youth support of K9 and Sports that I came into working dog sports and was given the opportunity to pursue it. I would also like to pass on the opportunity to other young stars, inspire them and encourage them to get actively involved. Because we are the next generation – we are the future.

Why should more young people take up dog sports?

Dog sports require incredible cooperation between dogs and humans. Especially with the various disciplines of the IGP, it offers a variety of activities that never get boring. Mutual trust and understanding forms the basis for sport, so that we face new challenges every day. What could be nicer than a community of people who share the same passion and bring a breath of fresh air?

How is the exchange between the ambassadors?

The communication and exchange between K9 and Sports ambassadors is usually very active, supportive and honest. A wide variety of people, with a wide variety of experiences and from a wide variety of areas, come together, where we are united by a passion for dog sports and a love for our dogs. The will to ensure that all of this is preserved drives us forward so that everyone pulls together.

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