Our K9-and-Sports Ambassadors are from all over the world. They include many of the most successful sport handlers, helpers, judges and alike. Equally important: we are adding representatives from public authorities (Military, Police and alike) to work hand in hand. Check here to find out who is behind our community: click here.

We support and rely on the work of our breed- and working dog organizations and FCI and do not intend to compete with them in any way. The contrary is the case. Our goal is to:

- unite dog handlers WORLDWIDE; 

- unite dog handlers irrespective of their particular working dog breed; 

- align the interests of K9 handlers and organizations (police, military and alike) with the sport world in particular when it comes to breeding and scientific data.

Together, in the broadest sense possible, we are strong! #doghandlersunited

Both public authorities and active dog working dog handlers have a significant interest to keep the working dog breeds healthy and capable. Did you know that most dogs in the military and police are from breeders who are active in dogsport? It makes sense and is necessary that we work hand in hand, understand each others needs, exchange our findings and align our interests.   

Public Relationsmodern, in social media and in real life. Reaching and touching the people who are not already deeply involved as well as the younger generations. And the content? 

We want to show how in how many areas the working dog breeds are used in society and support the people and human lives.

We want to share the joy people and dogs have when working together in the three disciplines of Nosework, Obedience and Protection.

We want to show how content and healthy our working dogs are when they get to be active in areas they have been bred for. We want to share with you the joy and bond children and young people share with their dogs when working together. 

We want to clarify misunderstandings (including but not limited to the thinking that the sports creates dangerous dogs). We want to share factual data and show that working dogs are - for the most part - an integral part of their human families.  

K9 and sport handlers together:for the first time we want to bring together and align the K9 world, including public authorities, and the sports world - internationally. 

Newbies, Youth and Helpers

Over the last couple of years we've seen a few initiatives in favor of young people as well as helper education. 2022, 160 young people (from 5-25 years) came together for an IGP Camp which the German Military and Police supported. Already twice could our American friends bring together helpers for Helper Camp USA to share the knowledge. These are the sorts of projects we have in mind: non-commercial, bringing together handlers from various breeds and organizations. We want to be pragmatic, fast and of course non-commercial.

You are a working dog handler - be it in K9 or sports? You love the working dog breeds and want to support modern training techniques? Join this community!We want to stand together and show the world how many of us live with and love working dogs. How many of us are interested and want to bring forward the activities of our working dog, the sports they practice and the breeding behind it all.  Together we are strong, together we will make a difference: coming together from different nations, breeds, sports and working areas. 

Tell your friends and colleagues about this initiative and share the link. You can also download the logo and use it in your profile pic.

 #DoghandlersUnited #OneVoice4WorkingDogs