Since 1991, I have been the Vice President of the VDH , responsible, among other things, for working dog sports. Along with this comes the concern about how long we can continue our dog sport.

We need the selection of working dogs in multiple ways: as a basis for service use in authorities and equally for the utilization of our working dogs living in families.

When K9andSports was first introduced to me, I was convinced: this is a way! The fact that we, the community of all IGP athletes, are moving in a direction has evidently convinced others as well. Otherwise, I cannot imagine that such a highlight has occurred in such a short time: collaboration with the authorities holding service dogs! Something that we practiced excellently together for 20 years but was then discontinued. All our breed clubs and dog sport associations are also going this way because, just like us, they all know: only TOGETHER are we strong.

We need the breed aptitude test, the approval until the IGP sport. Only in this way can we select and ensure the characteristics needed for their dogs for the service dog handlers.

I can only hope that we can convince politicians and animal welfare advocates that IGP sport with its three sections is the right thing for our dogs. Because the sport offers selection under competition conditions as a basis for working dog breeding.

I hope and wish that we reach the goal of all going in this direction together. I keep my fingers crossed for all of us because it is five to twelve!

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Mario Krajina
Mario Krajina
18 Tage zuvor


Lars Christian Andersen
Lars Christian Andersen
19 Tage zuvor

I do understand most of this great writing, but think that a english version would be in it’s place also 😊

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