Our dogsport is much more than only Protection. But Protection is an important part of our IGP-Sport and our SV Körungen (breeding selection tests).

And it will stay that way! 
The current situation and the fact that our sport is being questioned, shows us one thing: we need to explain and inform. More than ever! It is only possible to judge and come to a conclusion if you know and understand what you are talking about. Pictures and videos without a proper context may lead to negative emotions. If we want to give people who are not involved in the sport a chance to actually understand what we are doing, we need to explain and inform on a factual basis. 
The Working Dog Clubs and Organizations need to come together and take one path. They need to be in sync before they go out and work hand in hand with their umbrella organization VDH. 
In my position as president of the German Shepherd Club I can say that I am ready! 
In my opinion, working together with the K9 administrators, police, military and customs, is very important. However, we need to keep in mind that there is a difference in training a dog in IGP Protection and training a K9.